Insurance Fairness

Detroit and Dearborn suffer from the highest insurance rates in the State of Michigan. It is almost as if you have a lower income are being unfairly targeted. I support ending insurance redlining. I support banning the use credit scores and other non-driving factors as ways to determine a person's insurance rate. I also believe that we need to have an Insurance Commissioner that will hold the insurance industry in Michigan accountable.

Public Education Funding

One of the most critical duties of our state government is to properly fund our public schools. I do not believe that we need to give any more money to online schools. We need to hold charter schools accountable. We need to make sure that we are paying our teachers and a fair wage. We need to provide our support staff and substitute staff with the fair pay they deserve.


The infrastructure in our state is a total shambles. It is not just the roads and bridges, but our water systems as well. We need to fix the problems that caused Flint in the first place and make sure that it does not happen again, anywhere in Michigan. The people of Michigan, are tired of the possibility of Lead get into their water and huge sinkholes opening up in their communities. We need to develop multiple ways to fund infrastructure projects in Michigan.


For Detroit and Dearborn keeping our air and waters clean is critically important to the health of our communities. We must not allow our state to sign off on allowing corporations to pollute our air and dump toxins into our waters.

Gun Safety

I believe that a person has the right to own a firearm. Just like a car, it makes sense to have common sense regulation to govern how a person obtains and uses a firearm. It makes sense to have a universal background check. We should know if a person is on a federal no-fly or watch list. We should know if that person is on any type of local or state crime list and if a person has a history of mental illness. We should have waiting periods. A person should not be able to walk into a gun store and walk about 15 min. later with a firearm. I believe local judges have the ability to temporarily remove firearms individuals if law enforcement or family feels that an individual may engage in destructive activity.